Hope Giving Organisation was formed in 2013 and registered in 2014. The registration number is NPO145-413. We created this organisation because we were displaced in 1990 during the struggle war between the IFP and ANC, we were then placed in community centres and schools. That is where the things changed for the worse because some children lost their parent so we decided  to open/create this organisation because of the suffering of children, youth and the older people of Riverpark which is near Tsutsumane village (All Africa Games village) most children don’t do their homework they roam the streets aimlessly. Riverpark children do go to bed on an empty stomach because of extreme poverty and hunger.


To change sustainable development that will accentuate the upliftment of youth, children and elderly 


Provide service to the Riverpark community, change the lifestyle of children, youth and elders and provide adequate care.



  • Youth, children, orphans, destitute and the elders not to go bed on an empty stomach
  • Build partnership with government bodies, Organisations and businesses which have an interest in community development.
  • Create job opportunities for local community
  • To get donations this will assist the youth, older person, orphans and the destitute
  • Each project of Hope Giving organisation will be monitored and evaluated monthly and be professional when dealing with our networks and partners.